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Letters To My Younger Soul

Letters To My Younger Soul is a book written by women around the world for women, younger and older, around the world.  It's for this reason we want to make this book as accessible as possible.  

We are offering anyone who is interested the opportunity to give the gift of a book.  

We are aiming to give away 500 books to groups, nationally and internationally, who are already working with women and for whom these books may be a useful resource in supporting the work they already do.

For every £5 gifted, a woman younger or older will have an opportunity to read a story that may reflect her own. She will have a moment to read each letter and find solace, strength, peace, encouragement, wisdom, passion, friendship, sisterhood, and freedom in its pages.  

She may also remember she is not alone and  may realise that if they made it, she can too. 

We also hope every book received will help distorted images to be dashed, hopes to be restored, and to inspire others to write their own… Letter To THEIR Younger Soul

EIV Publishing is not a registered charity.

Who We Are Giving Books To.....

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