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Publishing Partnership


Do I need an author website? Do I need my own author's Social Media page? These are just two questions you might be asking yourself, and quite simply the answer depends.  Do you plan on releasing more books?  Are you in the early stages of your writing career?  In truth, a website is not a vital expense you need to have. 

As a partner, you could have a spotlight on our partner page, that will come with a review of your book, promotion, and sales of your book with us or can create a link to your own sales site (terms & conditions apply) for a one-time fee.

Having a book published is now easier than ever, however organising your day, deciding on a marketing plan, creating regular social media posts, and managing the many aspects of self-publishing is not always easy alone.  


If you need further support to keep you on track you can choose from one of our three coaching support packages.  If you are confident enough to get your book published, but just need help working on some of the finer details partnering with EIV is also a great solution, just simply choose your package from the menu, it's that easy!

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