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The Benefits of Writing

As a publisher, it stands to reason that we’d encourage everyone to write; that our thoughts on this subject would be biased. However, even if you are not the next best selling novelist in the making, writing can still be very beneficial to you.

Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are all said to be avid daily writers. Warren Buffet describes it as a key way of refining his thoughts. Richard Branson counts a school sized notebook as his most treasured possession, and Bill Gates uses it to reevaluate his thoughts for the day.

Research suggests that there are a number of benefits to those that incorporate writing into their day.

  • Writing is said to make you happier, improving your mood and reducing stress - in particular expressive writing such as writing down your goals and dreams, or putting what you think and feel to paper.

  • Writing supports better thinking and communication - if difficulty in expressing yourself is something you struggle with writing regularly can help with overcoming thoughts being jumbled up in your head and can help you to better communicate complex ideas.

  • Writing to the brain is like running to the body - it helps to keep you brain in shape being a great form of exercise for your mind.

  • Writing helps you declutter your mind - when we are thinking about too many things our minds can become like a computer with too many tabs open; it becomes hard to focus due to the many distractions. Putting pen to paper or key stroke to screen allows you to free up space or ‘bandwidth.’

  • Writing can help you to have greater perspective on life events - journalling or even writing fiction can assist you to look at things from a new point of view. Some research proposes that writing about trauma can be a highly effective way of coming to terms with what happened and accepting the outcome.

  • Writing can also help you to learn better - I’ve heard it said that we learn better on the exhale, meaning if you gather information, be it from books, podcasts or anywhere else, with the idea that you will share what you have learned it’s likely to stay with you longer.

So, the next time you are looking for ways to improve your life, include on your list writing daily. It isn’t just writers, journalist, those in business and keynote speakers that can benefit. You too can vastly accelerate areas of your life simply by making writing habitual. And who knows, you may even draft a book that we can help you to share with the world.

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