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Letters To My Younger Soul - Ebook

Letters To My Younger Soul - Ebook


Life can move so fast and be full of so many distractions that we seldom get a chance to sit and reflect on what we have passed through. If we do find the time, we can often spend most of that time pointing out all that we haven't achieved or all of the negative things we have done.


The truth is, no matter where we have come from or what we have been through, we made it and in coming this far everyone's life is full of interesting and wonderful adventures that taught some valuable lessons.


Letters To My Younger Soul is a collection of heartwarming letters of encouragement, triumph, empathy and self-acceptance from women around the world. Women from Asia to Africa, and the UK to the USA.


In this book, the women write about subjects such as Mental Health, Sex, Careers and Identity, sharing in the form of a letter (and the odd poem) to their younger self:


  • What they know now and wish they knew then
  • Reflections on how far they have come
  • How they have made it this far
  • And how those former things, good or bad, shaped who they are today


Discover through these letters that, no matter where we are in the world, we share life experiences, we are overcomers and through it all we’ve gained enough wisdom to share our tests, trials, virtues and victories with others in the hope they can be empowered too.


NB: This book contains some adult situations and explicit language

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