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Life Is Worth Living
  • Life Is Worth Living


    Families, love them or hate them, are the first taste we get of the world.  Within families, we learn how to interact with others and what to expect when we do.  We develop character, personality and  many of the tools we need to make it on our own.  But what if family does not quite prepare you for what you will encounter?  What if family life is so good, but the world you walk into is not?  What do you do?  What is your instant response? Where do you find the strength to survive? Are you going to cry over spilt milk, sulk or gradually bounce back?


    When my husband suddenly left me, my whole world shifted.  Yet despite this unexpected shaking, I found the courage and determination to pick myself up  and start over in the midst of shame, reproach, and being left to finish a life I thought we had started together.


    This is my  story of overcoming, finding my true-self, the strategies  I used to rebuild my life and how my faith in God and His loving-kindness kept me through it all.

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